Benefits of massage therapy

Alternative medicine

Benefits of massage therapy - alternative medicine

Massage is part of the alternative medicine.


Perfectly adapted to the diversity of medical situations and physio-psychological states, it accompanies more and more standard treatments.

Symptoms reduction

In a general way, massage therapy helps reduce the following symptoms




General benefits

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy offers many health benefits. Here are the principal ones:

Promotes restful sleep
Increases flexibility & range of motion
Stengthens the immune system
Aids in mental relaxation & improves concentration
Lowers blood pressure & heart rate

Scientific studies

Benefits of massage therapy - healing - scientific studies

Studies have shown that therapeutic massage is beneficial in case of…


Digestive Disorders
Joint pain
Sport injuries
Insomnia related to stress
Paresthesias and nerve pain
Soft tissue strains or injuries
Myofascial pain syndrome


Despite its benefits, massage therapy does not replace regular medical care.

Most people can benefit from the positive effects of this technique.

However, massage is sometimes inadequate in certain pathologies.

See your doctor for any precise indication regarding your actual condition.

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