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Massage "santé" or Massage therapy is a wonderful manual technique to release deep-seated tensions.


It helps you get in touch with your kinesthetic system and to feel the flow of energy in the body.

How much time do you have ?

A session can last between 45 to 90 minutes depending on the type of massage and the time you have. In all cases, you should feel calm and relaxed during and after the massage.


Allies various classical and therapeutical techniques.

45 minutes massage

Massage 45 min.

Ideal duration to relieve a part of the body that is in pain or feels uncomfortable.

60 minutes massage

Massage 60 min.

Standard length.

You will feel an overall relieving sensation throughout the body

90 minutes massage

Massage 90 min.

A 90 minutes massage is ideal at the end of the day. More time is given to each part of the body.


Traditional indian massage.

45 minutes ayurvedic massage

Abhyanga 75 min.

Good choice for those who are novices in this traditional indian massage.

60 minutes ayurvedic massage

Abhyanga 90 min.

Allows to treat harmoniously all the parts of the body.


90 minutes ayurvedic massage

Abhyanga 2 h.

Ideal for those who are suffering from specific pains and tensions.


Massage in Geneva close to the airport

The massage practice is in Geneva close to the airport and to the Grand-Saconnex.

Deepening body awareness

Beyond the specific benefits in the treatment of some diseases, massage may be enjoyed as a way to deepen awareness and perception of the body. It develops a sense of connection and wholeness.

What clients say

Bianca King

Review on Google

"It's really a pleasure to write a review about Joanne - she is truly an amazing massage therapist!

She has the magical ability to find the right balance of care that my body needs - and I have had a lot of massages to compare! -Joanne is definitely gifted and dedicated.

She has helped me relieve some ongoing tension in my body, finding some of the underlying areas and treating those - and generally to just feel blissful and supple! Seeing Joanne for a massage is a real treat - enjoy!"

Alex C.

Review on Google


"... De part mon métier je me suis fais masser souvent en Asie, et je dois avouer que les massages en Europe m'ont toujours déçus. Tous excepté ceux que pourvoit Mme Rollier. ... Ces massages sont à la fois relaxant et puissant, car elle à le don de "savoir" exactement les endroits du corps où il est nécessaire de s'attarder un peu pour appliquer suffisamment de force. Elle mélange des techniques qu'elle a acquises en Inde notamment. Tout cela crée un massage unique, et efficace du plus haut niveau de qualité. Je ne saurais que vous encourager de contacter Mme Rollier si vous sentez le besoin physique ou psychique d'un excellent massage..."